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Visual Identity
ui design
web design

Timeshift is a public photo booth which places you in 5 historical time periods on the same location. The premise is that you step in front of it, take a picture, and then choose which time period do you want to be placed in. You could be right in the middle of 2nd World War destruction, surrounded by tanks. You could chill in the same square 2000 years ago, near some idle looking Romans. Timeshift then prints or emails you a picture.

I was called into the project in the early stages of prototyping. Limited by the budget, the photobooth was created in the simple shape of a durable metal box. I designed the visual identity, graphic wrap covering the photo booth, user interface and the simple one-page web site.

Visual Identity
ui design
web design

•● 2021 •● 3d modeling: kova •● timeshift.hr

3d modeling: kova


Timeshift box was constructed as a simple metal pole, so it was necessary to make it more attractive, clearly visible and approachable, without being gaudy. We chose a color combination that makes it look like a piece of sunset growing from the ground. Waves of colors overlapping – like layers of time that user is taken through – look engaging and lively. Whole visual identity was created to look constantly in motion.

Logotype also carries the idea of the splitting timelines.

User Interface

Timeshift has a simple dumb-proof user interface. It is simple to choose your language, time period, take a picture and choose payment and delivery of the photo. User interface follows the exterior of the Timeshift box itself, keeping the same theme of shifting layers of color.


The team created a working prototype ready for deployment on the first location. Success of the project is yet to be determined. It has to go through a whole year of living and working on location, faced with weather elements, and random passersby willing to test its durability.

What I Learned

It was a pleasure to work on a longer timeline project with a team, developing it from a simple wrap-around background for the physical prototype, all the way to the user interface and the website. Visual elements developed organically one out of another.

This was my first time creating a website that uses a scrollable transparent video, which is something rarely seen. Transparency on the video allowed me to subtly change the background color while scrolling through the video content.



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