Why you will never again publish a PDF

Graphic design

Foleon is a platform for creating and publishing interactive web content and marketing collateral.  When I got this assignment, it was still known as Instant Magazine, and had a completely different visual identity and brand design. I was assigned to use their most popular blog post “Why you will never again publish a whitepaper as a PDF”, and turn it from a static webpage into an interactive magazine page, using Foleon tools and visual language. The deadline was in 5 days, and I had the freedom to choose appropriate photos.

Graphic design

•● 2018 •● 5 day deadline •● client pitch •● stock photos

5 day deadline
Client pitch
Stock Photos


I thoroughly researched the Foleon creation platform, its possibilities and limitations. After I understood how it functions, I searched for stock photographs that transmit the frustration business users have with the non-responsive content they try to consume on their smartphones. Using this as well as the existing visual language of the Foleon, I created the design.


My pitch didn’t win the competition, but I was satisfied with the way I applied their design guidelines and created this quick design on a new creation platform. Instant Magazine soon became Foleon and completely rebranded its visual language and pricing tier, transforming itself successfully into a B2B oriented service.

What I Learned

I enjoyed the process of learning Foleon’s platform, and creating something new with it. Using their tools and seeing the final interactive result, convinced me that the PDFs really are a thing of the past, as long as we have content that does not need to be accessible offline. Additionally, their tools for tracking engagement are invaluable for refining content and measuring its effectiveness.



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